Sweta Jain


We have an interview scheduled for 9:30 am on Thursday, January 25th 2018 with Sweta Jain of Goshwara Jewels.. This morning is bitter cold again, as I take the train into Penn Station from Newark.  The wind is cutting like a knife down the corridor of 7th Avenue as I thankfully slide into my warm taxi and request my first interview's destination.
As we e go up to the 11th floor in a packed elevator to Goshwara Jewels studio and office, we are greeted by Sweta's staff, and are ushered into her beautiful office, overlooking the surrounding buildings drenched in the early morning sun.
Sweta Jain is a fascinating woman who is multi talented.  She is a mother,  pilot, and a photographer, as well as a jewelry designer, who originally intended to be a travel writer.
Sweta is currently preparing for the Centurion Show, but has held off shipping her finest jewels so that we could see them during our interview. There are trays of rare gemstone rings, earrings and necklaces. The first piece of jewelry I pick up is a carved tanzanite ring, set with diamonds all around. I am also enchanted with a pair of carved emerald drop earrings that are very rare.
We set up our equipment in the adjacent studio, as it is available for us to use for the interview. This beautiful office is spacious, with 2 corner windows, perfect for natural light photographs.  There are carved glass elephants parading on the windowsill, overlooking the city. The elephant is found in the form of Ganesha, who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects.
On the desk sits a frosted aubergine double dragon glass sculpture bowl. The book 'The Monumental India' by Amit Pasricha, is perfectly placed on the adjacent table as we walk in. 
The elegance and grace of Sweta Jain's personality shines brightly in her work. She talks about her family's emerald mines in Africa, and growing up in a gem family business living in Jaipur.  Her stories of her brother and herself are charming and weave a picture of how she has  became one of the women giants in the jewelry industry today. 
Sweta wears a huge emerald cabochon ring on her hand and is warm, engaging and a great story teller.  Her experience is certainly different than other designers having a family in the emerald business, but still having to tough it out through the various struggles over time. Sweta's determination is a key common denominator in her approach to business. Perseverance is her response to any difficulty. 
When the interview is finished, Sweta asks if I would like to see the jewelry again,  and I emphatically respond, yes!  As I examine every piece of jewelry, I  am aware of the meticulous design principles and superb craftsmanship.  Sweta is an inspiration for being tough as a woman in such a competitive industry, yet still maintaining integrity and innovation in her work.

Hardy Klahold