Sarah Graham


"Trying to be safe is the most dangerous thing" 

I had met Sarah Graham almost 15 years ago when she had a trunk show at a gallery here in Boulder.  I was a salesperson at that time, and we had a particularly difficult customer who was being insulting and rude regarding the prices of a necklace she had.  As he confronted her about her pricing, I stepped in and stood in between him and Sarah and stated that her prices were fair and her pieces were extraordinary.  After the trunk show she and I had some fun together after the event and I always had good thoughts about her and her good natured attitude.  I always remembered her for this particular evening, but could not have imagined that she remembered me for the same thing!  She was on my list for being interviewed for the book ‘Women of Jewelry’ because of her effortless design and interesting materials, as well as her unique interpretation of the organic materials she bases her designs off of. When I contacted her studio, she agreed to an interview at Couture and Hardy and I met with her in her room at the Wynn in June of 2017.  I was very excited to see her again as I knew she was a fun person to be around, and I love her work.  I am always inspired when I finally meet the artist and interview them, as I learn so much more about their designs and what their meaning is. Having lived in Oregon, Sarah is often inspired by coastline flora and fauna, coral, and branches with organic shapes that grace the neck, wrist, and hands of the wearer.  Her interpretation is very abstract and deeply intuitive.  When you put your hand on a Sarah Graham piece of jewelry you are startled as to how it feels with the blackened steel that is light and frothy, with the weight of the 18k yellow and white golds that is paired with it.  This creates a dynamic between the metals that is extremely unusual and so interesting.  Her story about how she came to use the blackened steel is amazing as her determination to make this material a part of her design line was not negotiable and she spent so much time learning how blackened steel could be used for her jewelry. The organic quality of her work is striking and the shapes are so appealing in their form.  They are not always literal, but rather a reference to the original idea of inspiration.  Her story is incredible as her approach is such a primary factor in her search for ideas, materials, and production methods.  She is undiluted focus, and has always been.  It is what makes her work great, and how her story is so inspirational to so many.  She teaches a few classes and her number one trait is her undaunting determination to be a leader in this industry, which she is, unequivocally.  Her actions are graceful and fluid, she is like a force of nature herself and her strength is visible in everything she does.  Love that Sarah Graham. 
Hardy Klahold