Paula Crevoshay


"Jewelry makes love tangible"

“Jewelry makes love tangible”

I was guided to Paula Crevoshay through Michelle Ormann who insisted I meet her for my book.  I was on my way to Couture in June and I had hoped to visit Paula’s booth and request an interview.  What a shock it was that she was the FIRST booth I walked in on at Couture.  There stood a gorgeous redhead with striking eyes that lit up the room.  We started to discuss the project, and I promised her that I would get back to her to interview her at her home near Albuquerque NM at a later date. I was determined to meet with her as soon as we could make arrangements, and when I contacted her she indicated that she would be available on August 15th, and that we could meet at her home at that time.  This was also the week of Indian Market so the seeds were sown to meet the Queen of Color! I could not believe what I saw with her work when I met her at her booth at Couture. But the real gem was meeting her in person in her home.  Hardy and I left from Morrison Colorado and he drove. Tucked into the Rav4 we talked the whole way about politics, life, and the book.   We got to Santa Fe about 4 pm on the evening of the 15th, as we knew we had an early meeting with Paula on the 15th the next day.  When we started on our journey I was determined to buy her flowers, as we had been invited to lunch, so I never go empty handed. I selected a very colorful orchid.   When we arrived we could barely believe our eyes.  Paula lives on a ranch on the top of the hill overlooking a valley in NM that was nothing short of spectacular.  The clouds moved across the landscape like ghosts running on the land.  The shadows whooshed by with the birds swooping over the earth.  The green bushes dotted the land in neatly patterned rows as if they had been planted by God.   I carried my multi color orchid in my hands and held my ancient bodhi seed mala tight in my hands.  Hardy carried the equipment into the house.  Paula’s home is sprawling with wood and Asian art everywhere.  The antiques were jaw dropping and the dining room table was covered with images of Salvador Dali images and items in preparation for a Catalonia themed dinner party.  There was polished wood, gorgeous antiques, and blue glass accents dotted all throughout the home. There was an orchid in every room, and in every color except the one that I brought.  The bathroom was blue iridescent tiles and the hummingbirds buzzed by as they dipped their beaks in the feeder hanging in front of the kitchen window.  The breezes were firm but warm as they graced over us during lunch. The interview was powerful, intense, informative and emotional.  Paula lost her first husband and that event had a powerful impact on her life and career.  Her world travels could be perceived in her work, and I held a few pieces in my hands of chrysocolla and opal with pearls and gold.  She had an inspirational pinky ring with a pink tourmaline that was her first jewelry design that was her talisman on the rough days. Each step of her journey was surely.

Hardy Klahold