Nancy Anderson


release the vision

I have know Nancy Anderson since the early 2000’s.  I used to work in a gallery that carried her work, and I sold several pieces over time.  I spoke about her jewelry frequently, and talked to the clients about her process and style.  Little could I have known that I would interview her for this book, ‘The Women of Jewelry’ so many years later. I drove to Niwot to meet Nancy in her brand new ‘Vintage’ studio this week. She is opening her new location this very day.  I literally gasped when I walked in the door.  Her studio space and retail store is virtually a museum filled with interesting and jaw dropping pieces of jewelry, belt buckles and assemblage constructions.  A whole wall is dedicated to her belt buckles, each tucked into an inset in the wall, each surrounded by sparkling lights and lined with newspapers that are nostalgic with pictures of cowgirls and sensational stories from a time past.  The wood floors creak from new polish on old floorboard, and sprawled across the wood are authentic cowhides with their ranch brands on them.  Inhaling deeply you smell wood and leather, with metal and rust all mixed together like an aromatic cocktail you cannot get enough of.  Every single thing is of interest and you could easily spend hours in this beautiful place and never get bored, and never see all of it’s magical contents.   First you have to look at the jewelry, but that takes some time, because you actually read the jewelry.  The pieces make you laugh, cry and wonder what could possibly be the inspiration for some.  They are private dialogues of nostalgia and turquoise, coral and silver.  Each belt buckle is a magnificent piece of art, and the dog tags that say ‘Protect This Dog’ made me instantly tear up.  I had no idea Nancy was such a powerful woman, or mixed media artist, that her words and sayings were clear and poignant, that her story paralleled so many others, and that I would instantly have a puppy dog crush on her undaunting spirit, and courageous approach.  I was totally blown away.

Hardy Klahold