Carla Morrison


"The Craft is my inspiration” 

We walk up the stairs to her studio on 10th and Pearl carrying all of our photo and video equipment. This old brick building has seen a lot of traffic over the years.  The steps are steep and narrow.  When you come to the second landing Carla’s distinctive logo is on the door. The door swings opens and there is Carla, with a big smile welcoming us in.  I am so glad to see her, and I forgot how friendly and easy going she is! I have known Carla in the jewelry industry for nearly 20 years but we never seem to run into each other, and I immediately regret that. We sat down at Carla’s desk in a brilliant beam of light, to laugh and talk a little.  A hand drawn picture of a bird, sweet and simple, sits on a paper, over her shoulder, as if it is her spirit guide. She is easy to talk to and highly entertaining.  She is a natural born story teller. Her blue eyes are sharp and narrow when she speaks.  Brown curly hair cascades onto her shoulders and her shirt is crisp and professional with blue details. Her appearance is business casual.

She is hilarious, animated, and her story is richly detailed, as if you are right there in the situation with her at each response.  I felt her excitement, her pain, and her delightfully casual attitude with the nature of ‘things’.  You can witness her strength and resilience, and her striking self confidence. Her presence and responses are sharp, clear and refreshing. Her generosity to discuss such intimate details of her career and business is courageous, and she is truly a mentor in the community. I felt myself being pulled into her world, as my own experiences paralleled hers, and then to diverge, independently again.

Hardy Klahold