It is January and another freezing day in NYC. I kiss my niece goodbye and get on the train with all my travel gear.  The wind is possibly a little less in velocity, and the cold sun shines brightly. I stand in between two cars for this morning's commute as it is packed with people. Coming up from the Train on 7th Avenue I am excited to see the gentleman with the leather cap directing the long line of freezing travelers to their taxis.  He looks me in the eye with a twinkle. Silently I say goodbye as this is our last day of interviews in the city.
When I arrive to every meeting, Hardy is standing there waiting for me.  It is part of our timepiece system.  It works perfectly for every interview. We grab our coffee and join all the other morning commuters going upstairs to work for 10:00 am.
We are welcomed into a cozy shared studio with zebra patterned chairs and a shearling floor rug.
Dana is a little late, which is always great because we are set up before the artist gets there.  The studio is comfortable and well designed, with circular patterns on the tile wall very much in the style of Dana's work.  Coffee is brewing when the studio assistant ushers us in.
Dana is precise, and steady in her mannerisms.  She brings a sense of calm to the situation and has a bright, good natured personality.  My interview with Dana is more like 2 friends getting together and talking about the challenges and rewards of the jewelry industry than a formal interview.
Dana started out as a writer and went to Colorado College.  Throughout her life experiences, at some point in her career, there was a wide diversion, and she began to design jewelry.  She wears studded black boots and a black skirt.
The 'weight' of her jewelry is striking, and you feel each piece is designed to be perfect for the task.  The earrings are light, wearable, and the rings have a density that speaks of quality. The bracelets and diamonds are sparkling around substantial pieces of turquoise, which happen to be her birthstone.
Dana approaches her design with a cool clean line and a strong sensibility, and this can be perceived in her presence as well as her jewelry pieces.  She manifests her personality in the jewelry she makes and both are delightful.

Hardy Klahold